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Cool Video Of The Tu-95

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I thought this was a pretty good video of the Bear. TU-95 Bear Video



Really cool!  Are you saw some interesting things,like russian wood navigation calculator???? I use it now, every day  :D , because I can check and estimate many navigational data quickly
than computer!!!

Отредактировано Шрайк (2007-03-20 19:55:48)



And  now: secret weapon!



Did u read comments?

Comment by Henrik
2006-11-22 16:08:48
It is absolutely astonishingly loud. It’s pretty rubbish as a spyplane for that reason, back in the day the americans could hear it on their underwater sonar devices out in the atlantic. For this reason the Bear is in a leage of it’s own when it comes to coolness. Also note that the flight engineer is using a plain old slide ruler, not a electric calculator. That’s good old russian army sense. Why fix it if it isnt broken?




But I use it like flight operations officer in european airline. When we had last audit check we make a furor for commission!


Вы здесь » Авиабаза Кипелово. Форум земляков. » English forum » Cool Video Of The Tu-95