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Intercept the "Bear"

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I'm looking for the contacts with pilots (USAF, US Navy, RCAF, RAF, Royal Navy) who've intercepted the Tupolev Tu-95RT, Tu-142.

Some photos of interceptions are here.

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Dima, One month ago i had meeting with boy-friend of girl -friend of my friend. Former operations officer from Leuchars,



Andrey, I hope you told them about our forum... Leuchars and Keflavik are our big friends.



The post is from f-16.net forum:

I remember an incident from Iceland around 81 when a Phantom crew intercepted a Bear. As I said before, one of the first things they would look for was to ensure that the tail guns were in the up and parked position. This time, however, they weren't...

The guns started following the F-4. Maybe they were joking, maybe they were tired of being intercepted, who knows? The Phantom pilot was definitely NOT in a joking mood, so he dropped back to Sidewinder range, selected an AIM-9, and locked up the Bear. The Bear crew quickly (and very smartly) retracted the guns. The rest of the intercept went off without a hitch.


Вы здесь » Авиабаза Кипелово. Форум земляков. » English forum » Intercept the "Bear"